Sheltie Family Puppies made buying our dream puppy a smooth and enjoyable experience. They were readily available to answer all my questions. Also, they went above and beyond on accommodating our delivery date needs. Our puppy is a true dream and everything we expected and more. you can tell he came from a loving and great environment.

-Joey R Arvidson-

Waco Texas

My kids and I are extremely happy with their first Sheltie puppy. He is such a little ball of energy. Thanks so much for answering all my questions and I will be sending my weekly health updates on our Sheltie Ferdy. He is just what our family needed. Thank you once more

-Stacy Allee And Family-

Los Angeles CA

We have been looking for a Sheltie Puppy and came across Sheltie Family Puppies and immediately fell in love with Roxy and Bob, so we decided to call about these puppies and were happy to hear that they still had them available. We were curious about how to get them, but it was so easy after we paid for them and they were delivered yesterday evening by a nice looking gentleman from the shipping company. We promise to love our babies and spoil them forever.

-Steve Rankins-

Strafford, New Hampshire

We are active duty military and were worried about how it might affect us getting a Labrador. They were really helpful when it came to picking a puppy and payment plans. The puppy’s health is their main concern and that they take great pride within the look after them. It had been an excellent experience!

-Kristy Whetsell-

Pittsburgh Pa

It has been approximately 4 months now since I bought from Sheltie Family Puppies and I never came back to appreciate your help in making me get the best fur baby of my choice. I love her so much. She is everything to me. I will recommend you guys any-day anytime.

-Jay Ward-

Indianapolis, In.

We had a very positive experience working with Sheltie Family Puppies. They sent information about our new puppy in a timely manner and kept the communication lines open. They made us excited about getting the puppies and comfortable. With so many scammers out there, it was quite a relief working with Sheltie Family Puppies. Payment options were available. It made the drive worth it.

-Andre Shaw-

Monroe, GA


Shetland sheepdogs are known for their gentle, sweet, pleasing personality. They are also playful and affectionate, all traits that have made them a popular family pet. Breed experts often comment that Shelties like to please; coupled with their intelligence, it is no wonder they excel at obedience training.

Shelties (and their owners) enjoy the challenge of coming up with new things to learn, from “helping” around the house to canine gymnastics. They're considered extremely intelligent and respond well if you're patient and also make training time fun.

We have a specialized team of vet experts and Sheltie lovers, we are always here to help you 24/7 Support.